Hors D'oeuvres

All of these foods can be passed and eaten without flatware. We recommend four hors d'oeuvres per hour per person.

* Shrimp marinated or glazed and broiled or neat with two sauces
Fresh salmon and ginger in phyllo packets
Roast fresh salmon, water chestnuts and snow peas
Smoked salmon and dill canapés on black bread
Salmon mousse in savory tartlets
Seared tuna with onion marmalade or chipotle pepper or jicama
Cucumber with smoked trout
Grilled lamb or beef on olive or garlic bread
Phyllo with spinach or beef or smoked turkey or minted lamb
Miniature croissants with ham and cheese
Tiny brioche with pate of vegetables or duck liver mousse
Artichoke or spinach or prosciutto mini frittata
Tabouli filled cherry tomatoes
Beef brasaola or prosciutto with arugula and lemon
Endive with creme fraiche and caviar or with figs, goat cheese and pecans
Lemon or sesame crisp chicken breast
Polenta with wild mushrooms or sausage
Pesto or cheese straws or cheddar coins
Melon or prosciutto
Tiny sour dough rolls with corned beef
Pissalidiere nicoise
Sliced veal on toasts with a tuna caper sauce
Sate of beef, pork or chicken
Fresh asparagus or broccoli with Maltese sauce
Gingered beef and broccoli
Tiny biscuits or corn muffins with smoked turkey or ham and honey mustard
Quiche tartlets with chevre or seafood or bacon or veggies
* Tiny crab cakes or little choux with crab or tuna
Bruschetta with tomato, or olives or pate
* Buckwheat Blini with caviar or smoked salmon
Vegetable timhale
Bite size BLT's or Toastest cheese sandwiches
Scallion and water chestnut pancakes with orange hoisin sauce
Potato pancakes with creme fraiche or sautéed apples
Nori rolls with fresh salmon or cucumber and wasabi

* items are subject to market price

Stationary Items
Mezze tray or station: tabouli, humus, olives, roasted cherry tomato, marinated mushrooms
Crudities or raw vegetable chips and dips
Charcuterie with Soutine breads, olives and cornichons
Cheese, Soutine breads and fruit

Store Policy
Deposit by credit card or cash is needed for orders. There are no refunds on orders. We issue store credit for any cancelled holiday orders or cake orders that has been cancelled at least 48 hours in advance. No refunds on Wedding cakes or Catering. Thank you for understanding.


Gluten free products available upon request.