About Jess Cakes and Catering

Jess Cakes and Catering is Jessica Echevarria's 3rd proudest creation. As a mother of two, she's quite familiar with long hours and daily sacrifices! And, much like her children, One Cup Two Cupcakes was a creation of love.

Jessica was born and raised in New York City and went to High School on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. While she was in school she took up a job with Soutine, a much-beloved bakery not far from her school. She started out merely as a cashier, but under the guidance of Soutine's owner and master baker, Madge Rosenberg, she learned she had a talent for creating delicious baked goods from raw ingredients. Not only did she perfect her baking and culinary skills with Soutine, but as she studied business in college she was able to put into practice the classroom lessons by working her way up to management at the shop.

Over the years, Jessica met continued success both in her professional and personal lives. Gaining further education from the Culinary Institute of Virginia, and creating a family with her husband. The two of them now have daily inspiration in their daughter, Alicia and their son, Eric.

After 18 years with Soutine, and hundreds upon hundreds of tasty creations made, it was time for Jessica to move on. With the help and support of her mentor, Madge, Jessica decided to start her own bakery. After all of the late nights, and double, or triple duty that go along with getting an education, keeping a job and raising a family, she thought about the coffee that helped her through her baking triumphs. That's when it hit her: there's no better compliment to perfect cupcakes than a great cup of coffee; and Jess Cakes and Catering was born.

Shortly after Jess Cakes and Catering opened, Jessica's real-life classroom, Soutine, shut its doors for good. It's a sad passing of a great New York institution, but Soutine's memories and recipes are kept alive through Jessica and her mentor, Madge. Today, Jessica's dreams are even bigger than her heart! When she's not helping out a neighbor, she's entertaining the local school kids. And she loves the interaction with her customers. When you step into her shop you feel as though you're in her home, which is exactly the idea. But she has faith her in creations and would love to see some of her signature items, like Jessie's Best Bread Pudding, in stores throughout the country. Jessica doesn't back down from her goals, either, so until it happens she'll be fighting tooth and nail to get there--watch out Crumbs!

So if you like good food, sweet or savory, come by the shop and stay a while. Jessica or one of her bright, young culinary students would be happy to have you, and to share with you their favorite treats! And if you've got a business proposition for her, she's always happy to work with others that are looking to make their own dreams come true! You can't go wrong with baked goods and a bright smile!


Gluten free products available upon request.